Nisaki Mu

background & inspiration

“Nisaki mu” means “my little island” in Greek. It is the brand name under which I present my creations. Having lived most of my life in Crete and the Cyclades has influenced my inspiration and aesthetic. My love for nature, island life, the sea, folk art and the art of ancient civilizations has been the driving force in my creative processes.

My background in illustration, industrial and graphic design affects my creative processes, including the research and design before the proper creation of each object begins. While searching for a more tactile expression I came across the magic world of ceramics. This encounter gave me the opportunity to take my illustration work to a new level.


My ceramics are created on the island of Crete, a place with an extremely long tradition in ceramics (the first ceramic pieces of art created on the island go back to 6000 BCE.)

All ceramic pieces that I make are unique, 100% handmade, from conception and creation, all the way to the final decorations and finishing. I use exclusively food safe materials. My ceramic production is small and all pieces are exclusively available on my online store with the exception of a collection specially designed for the Museum Benaki shop.

I am also very passionate about experimenting with new techniques and materials and constantly growing my knowledge around the art of ceramics.


A product line with my illustrations is available in my online shop and in carefully selected stores around Greece, along with other Greek designer products.

I believe in slow and ethical design. Therefore when it comes to my printed products I try to collaborate with small local or fair trade companies and to use eco-friendly, high quality materials.