Studio & Creation

My workshop is my happy place, where I feel at home.

While searching for a more tactile expression I came across the magic world of ceramics. This encounter gave me the opportunity to take my illustration work to a new level. Working with a three-dimensional medium, such as clay, offered me infinite possibilities.

Everything about clay immediately attracted me  and since then I devote most of my time to the creation of my handmade ceramic pieces.

Having a background in industrial design I always start with a thorough  research. Inspirational pictures of shapes, colors and feelings lead me to numerous sketches of ideas until the final design stands out.

Working with clay is demanding and at the same time really fulfilling. It teaches you to be patient, to see the beauty in the details and embrace small imperfections as part of the process. But it also teaches you how to accept failure when something goes wrong in one of the various stages required to produce the final ceramic object.

From hand-building and throwing to slip-casting I chose the making method most fitting to each object I create. With a sponge, the objects have to be wiped thoroughly to become completely smooth and be ready for decoration.

Decoration is my favorite part of the process. I mainly use a technique called sgraffito, but I love to experiment with other decoration techniques and materials, especially for my art pieces. I intend my pieces to convey narratives of nature, island life, the sea, ancient and folk art of Mediterranean civilizations.

When the object is dry and decorated, it is ready for firing in a pottery kiln which can reach temperatures many times higher than that of a conventional oven. This first firing is known as the bisque firing.

After bisque firing I clean the objects from dust and start the glazing process. I mainly use a transparent glossy glaze that makes my pieces appropriate for functional use and allows my decorations to stand out beneath the glaze. A second firing at higher temperatures is applied to make the glaze melt.

Then the final pieces are ready to be photographed and uploaded to my online store and social media. Some of my pieces accompany me and my family on weekend excursions to the beaches and the mountains of my island to be photographed in nature.

My workshop is my happy place, where I feel at home. When you find a job you enjoy, you will never work another day in your life.