Where can I buy your pottery?

I sell all my handmade ceramic pieces exclusively through my online store. I do not offer my ceramics to retailers with only exception a specially designed collection of ceramics that is sold at the shop of Μuseum Benaki in Athens.

If you live in Heraklion, Crete or you are passing by the city, you are welcome to visit my workshop and take a closer look at my work. To visit my workshop, please contact me first at info@nisakimu.com to make an appointment.

If a ceramic piece is sold out can I find it again?

If an item is sold out in the e shop, it might not appear again, as all items are unique due to the handmade nature of my ceramics. However, depending on demand and other reasons, I may repeat some designs, so similar pieces might reappear in the store.

You can also pre-order some specific ceramic pieces that will be repeated especially for you, if time isn’t an issue for you. Go to the “Custom Orders” section.

Do you make custom orders?

If time of delivery is not important for you, you have the possibility to order pieces that will be made especially for you. Orders are delivered within 2-4 months at the latest. You can see which designs are available to be ordered at the “Custom Orders” section of our e shop.

How often is the e-shop updated with new ceramic pieces?

I try to make updates in my online store every 2-3 months. I will announce each new launch in advance, on my social media and in my newsletter. If you want to get informed about shop updates, please subscribe to my newsletter below.

Are ceramics available for wholesale?

At the moment it is impossible for me to make bigger batches of ceramics or offer my ceramics at wholesale prices, due to the fact that this is a “one-woman show” and the process of handmade, decorated ceramics is an extremely slow one.

In the future however, I may be able to offer some pieces specially designed for wholesale. If you are interested to get informed, subscribe to my wholesale newsletter at the “Wholesale” section.

Are the ceramic pieces food safe?

Yes, all my ceramic tableware is food safe and appropriate for functional use.

Can I use the ceramics in the microwave and dishwasher?

It is recommended not to use the ceramics in the microwave or dishwasher. Due to their handmade nature they are delicate and need special care. You could off course try it out, at your own risk.

Do you produce custom tableware for restaurants?

If you are interested in a collaboration, get in touch (info@nisakimu.com), to see if I can cover your needs and to discuss a special offer. Please keep in mind that I have a limited production capacity, so I can only cope with smaller scale orders.

Where is Nisaki mu workshop placed?

On the island of Crete. Crete is a place with a very long tradition in ceramics that goes back to 6000 BCE!