My prints are available for wholesale and are already successfully sold in various stores around Greece.

My prints so far include 12 postcard designs, 3 coloring books, 1 poster design, 1 tea towel design and 1 t-shirt design in 3 color variations.

 If you are interested in offering my products in your shop, please use the form below and check the “wholesale illustrations” option to subscribe to my wholesale newsletter. By subscribing you will get my wholesale catalog and I will send you announcements for my new products. You can always unsubscribe by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the end of every newsletter I send.

Unfortunately, at this time, I do not offer a wholesale option for the ceramics, due to their handmade nature and the slow creative process behind them. However, in the future, I plan to produce some pieces for wholesale. If you would like to get informed, please use the form below and check the “wholesale ceramics” option.