Handcrafted ceramic art
and illustrations

inspired by island life and the Mediterranean sea.

Ι like things made by hand, with care and affection.

“Nisaki mu” means “my little island” in Greek. It is the brand name under which I present my creations. I grew up and live on the island of Crete and draw a big part of my inspiration from island life and the mediterranean sea. My creations fulfill their final purpose when they find a new home to which they might bring joy or carry memories, colors and emotions.

Unique, handmade ceramics

My encounter with the magic world of ceramics allowed me to take my illustration work to a new level. Working with a three-dimensional medium, such as clay, offered me infinite possibilities. My pieces carry narratives of nature, island life, the sea, ancient and folk art of Mediterranean civilizations. Each piece is unique, made with love and devotion, and is destined for people who will appreciate slow and ethical design.

Illustrations inspired by island life

Illustrated prints are depictions of my personal perspective of the world and my surroundings. They are printed in multiple copies and on various kinds of items (paper goods or apparel). For my printed products I collaborate with small local companies and try to use eco-friendly, high quality materials. My prints can be found in my e-shop. You can also find them in carefully selected stores around Greece along with other Greek designer products.

Reasons to buy
from my eshop

You are supporting a local artist

You are supporting slow design and ethical consumption

Ceramics are greener and more sustainable products

Handmade products are unique

Handmade keeps the craft and tradition alive

Personal contact with the artist