“Piato” Group exhibition at 6exi ceramics gallery

Group exhibition at 6exi ceramics contemporary gallery in Thessaloniki organized by Giorgos Vavatsis and Ifigenia Tsirou.

The second thematic exhibition, within the framework of “Ceramic Approaches” is dedicated to the plate, an object of daily use, with further symbolism.

20 creators, from Greece and abroad, approach the subject in a personal and unique way.

Some words about my participation, the theme related to the decoration on my platter:
“The mermaid, known from the folklore embroideries of the Aegean islands, holds in her hands a boat full of people, ready to sink. She symbolizes the seas… the Aegean, the Mediterranean that on one hand carry memories of carefree summers, past and future journeys, and on the other hand become the watery grave for thousands of people seeking a better fortune in the land of promise. A platter in the memory of these people.”