Dance of life, Porcelain Vase


This ceramic vase is resembling the shape of a volcano decorated with animals and people dancing around its conical hill.

The animals and people decorating the vessel are inspired by the decorations of ancient vessels found in Minoan settlements and have been translated into characters of my own artistic language. The dance of life consists of symbolic creatures such as birds representing the sky, mountain goats and people representing the earth and fishes representing the sea.

The foot of the vessel is  engraved with patterns that frequently appear in Minoan ceramic pieces. Spirals, abstract leaves and other geometric shapes that can be seen in the decorations of mugs, pots and ritualistic artefacts have been combined to add a hidden detail to the vessel.

It is decorated with black slip and the use of the sgraffito technique. The figures have been left unglazed with the use of wax resist creating contrast to the glazed parts of the vessel.

Vase size:
Height: 20cm (7.87 inches)

Max bottom diameter:17cm (6.69 inches)
Min top diameter: 11cm (4.3 inches)

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  • unique, handmade, hand painted from conception, form creation, all the way to the final decorations
  • inspiration: Minoan vessel decorations
  • porcelain vessel, fired at 1240 °C
  • underglaze colors, sgraffito technique, wax resist
  • glossy glaze
  • Vase size:
    Height: 20cm (7.87 inches)
    Max bottom diameter:17cm (6.69 inches)
    Min top diameter: 11cm (4.3 inches)


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